Galena - Field of Dreams

Today I saw two places I had always dreamed of seeing - the Mississippi River and the Baseball field from the Kevin Costner film "Field of Dreams."

I headed off early on Highway 20 passing Freeport and Woodbine before arriving in Elizabeth. I visited the Apple River Fort State Historic Site, a Landmark of the Black Hawk War.

My next stop was Galena. My visit started at the home of Ulysses S. Grant. I walked along Main Street, stopping to have breakfast at Victory Cafe, and then back along the river. I think Galena was my most favourite place on this trip.

Leaving Galena I drove North and over the stateline just south of Hazel Green. Turning west again, I drove through rolling hills. Suddenly I saw a sign for the Sinsinawa Mound. Not knowing what it was but sounding interesting, I turned left quickly and was surprised to find a  huge complex run by Dominican Sisters.

I crossed the mighty Mississipi just north of Dubuque and drove down to Miller Riverview Park. Incredible views of the river!

I continued back along Highway 20 through Iowa to Dyersville and the Field of Dreams movie site. It was exactly how I imagined - fields of maize with a baseball field in the middle. It was quite busy as they were preparing for a vintage baseball game but I got to watch some ball. Loved it!

I detoured through Sundown Mountain Resort - bascically because I couldn't believe there was skiing here. Instead of returning by Highway 20, I turned southwards at Galena to Hanover and then east along country roads. Again I drove into an afternoon storm and returned to Highway 20 at Freeport.

It was a long but wonderful day! 


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