Santa Fe - Carlsbad

Our first stop of the day was Pecos National Historic Park. The pueblo ruins and the first-rate musuem are certainly worth leaving Interstate 84. The park owns much to the actress Greer Garson who owned much of the land nearby and narrated the excellent film about the Historic Park. Next stop Las Vegas - no, not the casinos and high life but a quiet country town.

The route south to Carlsbad was long but we past through some very interesting places. We stopped for lunch at Fort Sumner. Kit Carson moved the Navajos here in 1864 and Billy the Kid was gunned down here by Pat Garrett in 1881. We enjoyed the piece and quiet and the interesting museum.

Next - aliens. Everyone has heard of Roswell. A funny place full of aliens - even the street lamps have alien heads.

Last stop - Carlsbad. Heat and a swimming pool!


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