Grants - Chaco Canyon - Pagosa Springs

For me this was one of the most impressive days on this holiday. We visited Chaco Culture National Historical Park which can only be reached by a long, dirt road.

The film shown in the visitor center is very informative, explaining the incredible background of the pueblos in Chaco Canyon. When you then go out and walk around the pueblo ruins, you get a real feel for the history and culture of the place.

Chaco Canyon was an important Anasazi cultural center from about 900 to 1130 AD. There are over 3600 separate sites of which only thirteen principal ones are open to the public. We first visited Pueblo Bonita which is the largest of the great houses - 5 stories high and 600 rooms.

The Casa Rinconada is a great Kiva - a ceremonial chamber. The area may not be picturesque but it is steeped in history.

We spent most of the day at Chaco Canyon and then made our way back over the state border into Colorado to stay in Pagosa Springs.


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