Chinle - Monument Valley

The next morning we drove along the North Rim Drive towards Tsaile. Again we stopped at all the overlooks that were bathed in morning sunshine. The Mummy Cave Ruin is one of the largest Puebloan villages in Canyon de Chelly. At Masacre Cave some 115 Navajos hid on the ledge from the Spanish military in 1805. Unfortunately they were discovered and all were killed. Canyon de Chelly was one of my favourite places on this tour.

On the way to Monument Valley, we took a detour to Four Corners Monument. Here four states - Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah - meet. Get your picture taken at this unique spot in the USA.

I was brought up watching Western films, especially those with John Wayne, and the first sight of Monument Valley left me breathless. Hard to believe that I was there. Unfortunately the wind had gotten up and the dust made it difficult to see things but it is still very impressive. We decided to drive around the gravel road and it was certainly worth it. We stayed at at Gouldings Lodge which is very well camouflaged in a cliff wall and most definitely worth visiting.


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