Willcox - Springerville

We had planned to go up the the Coronado Trail Road but plans were changed pretty quickly when we saw SNOW on the car. The general opinion was that all roads north were snowbound and it would be better to go the long way round.

A the long way round it was!!! After scrapping the snow and frost off the car, we headed along the I 10 towards New Mexico. This is a long haul road but we cut off the corner to the I 25 at Deming. This road meets the I25 at Hatch - Chili Capital of the World!

We drove through the town with the interesting name - Truth or Consequences (TorC to the locals). At Socorro we turned back west on the 60. There wasn't much traffic but lots of snow!

The most interesting sight on this road is the VLA - The Very Large Array. Away out in the middle of nowhere there is this incredible high-tech site - radio dishes listening to deep space. Apparently Jodie Foster filmed a part of "Contact" here.

After a very long day we arrived in Springerville.


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