Flagstaff - Grand Canyon National Park

We took the same route to the Grand Canyon as I took in September 1996 via Sunset Crater Volcano / Wupatki National Monument. However, this time we stopped at the Wuptaki ruins. Very impressive!

At this time of year the the Grand Canyon looked much greener than it had in 1996. There was still some snow lying - two weeks before there had been blizzards at the south rim.

In the village we waited for a bus to take us along the West Rim Drive as the road is closed to public traffic. The driver told amusing tales about the area and pointed out the wildlife along the way. We got off and on the bus along the route at the various outlooks.

We went to Yavapai Point for the sunset but due to the cold spring air, it was very disappointing. We stayed in the Yavapia Lodge in Grand Canyon Village.


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