Billings - Little Bighorn - Lovell

The main reason I wanted to visit Billings was to go to ZooMontana as I am a great zoo fan.

The man at the cash desk spent 15 minutes explaining the zoo to us. The zoo is relatively new and very small but selective. They will only have animals that come from the same climate as Montana - no elephants, lions or hippos!! We spent over 2 hours wandering around the zoo, talking to the very friendly people who were glad to share their expertise on the animals. Here we finally saw wolves and bald eagles. A bear exhibition was still being built. The staff in the shop / center were very helpful with their advice where to see animals in Yellowstone - seemingly we had done everything right but had just lucked out! Thanks for the great time in your zoo!

Next stop was the Little Bighorn National Monument - a place steeped in history. Everyone knows the story of Custer but how many really know the truth about the battle? Standing on the top of the hill, you get an amazing view of the rolling hills of Montana and Wyoming, of the incredible openness of the land.

At Ranchester, just over the Wyoming stateline, we turned onto the Medicine Wheel Passage Scenic Byway. We spotted numerous mule deer on the way. We spent the night in Lovell as it was getting dark. 


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