Mammoth Hot Springs - Beartooth Highway - Billings

 Yet again we had to scrape ice of the car as we were up and about really early in the day. We drove out to Lamar Valley where we were - yet again - assured of animal sightings at sunrise. We waited and waited and - yet again - no animals in sight!!!!

We left the National Park by the Northeast Entrance and breakfasted in Cooke City before travelling up the Beartooth Highway. The route has been called the Most Beautiful Road in America. The twisting road passed the small lakes and the jagged mountains is certainly one of the best I've been on. At the top, there was quite a bit of old snow lying and as I got out of the car, it actually started to snow!!!

Billings is a sprawling city in the middle of nowhere. We visited Boothill Cemetery and then marvelled at the view of the city from the Rimrocks, a cliff - the airport is on the top - running along beside the city. We went to the cinema in the evening.


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