San Francisco

Foolishly we thought it would be a good idea to see San Francisco by driving around the 49 Mile Scenic Drive. We couldn't see much as the fog was at its thickest it had been.

The Golden Gate Park was full of joggers and power walkers but the drizzle was depressing. Twin Peaks was totally covered in fog and the police car at the parking area at the top probably wondered what we were doing there! The city center was clearer but the streets were very busy. We did decide to see if Alamo Square was fog-free and luckily that very famous view was partially visible. Giving up on the scenic route we drove out to our hotel near the airport. There the sun was shining and it was warm.

In the evening we drove to 3Com Park to watching S.F. Giants play the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have been a fan of the D-Backs since they started 1998. We really enjoyed the evening, eating nachos, watching the baseball and listening to the comments regarding play. The D-Backs beat S.F. Giants to win the Western Division that evening and I was over the moon. As the season was coming to an end and the stadium wouldn't be used from next year on, there was an incredible fireworks display. What a way to end a holiday of a lifetime!


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