Oakhurst - Yosemite National Park - San Francisco

Early in the morning we drove to the parking area of Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. The trees are indeed giants! The walk through the giant trees was wonderful. We saw lots of animals and birds including deer, woodpeckers and all kinds of squirrels.

As we spent more time exploring the Mariposa Grove, we decided to drive through Yosemite Valley before leaving the park via the Big Oak Flat Entrance in the north-west. The drive to Groveland was slow as we were stuck in a long line of travel. I remembered from the 1996 trip an alternative route. The route basically went straight downhill while the main route snaked its way down. We beat the traffic jam down the hill!

We arrived in a foggy San Francisco and had some difficulty finding the right route to our hotel - Seal Rock Inn. Mind you, on the way we saw Mission district and Haight Ashbury.


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