June Lake - Bodie - Yosemite N.P. - Oakhurst

June Lake is a popular fishing area and a very beautiful place.

We drove down to Mono Lake south shore where the information area has been improved since 1996. The surreal tufas are very impressive. We breakfasted in Lee Vining which must have been the worst and most expensive breakfast of our whole holiday.

Then we drove up to Bodie. The last 3 miles of the road is gravel but this prepares you for the isolation of the place. Bodie is truly a ghost town where only rangers live. The buildings have been left in their original state and it is interesting to peek into the dusty interiors to discover artefacts from the heyday of Bodie. The safe in the bank is brilliant - it is the only thing left standing of the bank building.

In the afternoon we entered Yosemite National Park at the East Entrance and crossed the Tioga pass. We stopped to watch a controlled forest fire and again at the Tunnel View to marvel at Half Dome overlooking the Yosemite Valley. drove up to Glacier Point. This view is very spectacular, if you can see it for the tourists!!

We continued south-west through the park to our hotel in Oakhurst just outside the South Entrance.


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