St. George - Las Vegas

It is just a short trip from St. George - which we left in another thunderstorm - to Las Vegas. We were booked into New York, New York.

Our first thing on a long list of places to visit was the Stratosphere Tower. The view from the top is still incredible but, in comparison to my visit in 1996, there were new hotels to be seen on the strip. I couldn't wait to visit them too. We drove to the Hilton to get some Star Trek stuff for Beate's boyfriend and then back to N.Y., N.Y. to park the car. From the hotel we walked first to Bellagio. When you enter the flower room the smell of the blooms overwhelms you. From Bellagio, we went to Ceasars then Mirage to Treasure Island. We thought we had arrived just in time for the pirate battle but realised that we had forgotten about the hours time difference. We had gained an hour. The battle was lots of fun when it finally happened.

Going back up the other side of the Strip, we first went into the Venetian - very realistic, even down to the gondolier! The Paris with its own Eiffel Tower had just opened and was relatively quiet in comparison to the other casinos. We also visited MGM, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay and Luxor. We ate in Rainforest Cafe where our "tour guide" was impressed that I had also eaten there the year before. We spent the whole evening, losing money to the one-armed bandits in N.Y., N.Y.!


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