Bryce Canyon N.P. - Zion N.P. - Kanab

We drove up to Bryce Canyon in the dark and marvelled at the sunrise from Sunrise Point. It was very chilly but certainly worth it. We breakfasted at Ruby's before driving up to Rainbow Point and working our way back along the viewpoints. Beate loves the place just as much as I do. At the amphitheatre we walked down the Queen's Garden Trail where we were surrounded in orange light, reflected from the stone.

Our next stop was Zion National Park which was extremely full. All parking spaces were taken so we just looked at the valley from the car. At the tunnel we hiked up the Canyon Overlook which, I believe, the best view of Zion.

On the way to Kanab we heard about Nedra's in Fredonia on the radio and decided to visit Nedra Too in Kanab for dinner. An excellent choice with brilliant Mexican food.


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