Salt Lake City - Bryce Canyon National Park

Yet again we were up early and drove out to Saltair on the shores of Salt Lake. Saltair used to be a grand resort during the first half of the century but the modern buildings are nowhere as grand. The light, though, is fantastic.

After breakfast we visited Utah's Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. We were very lucky to see the Komodo Dragon on its last day in Utah and also to see the various baby animals, including the twin polar bears.

In the afternoon we drove south on I-15. Just south of Beaver we ran into a hailstorm where the hail was the size of golf balls. We thought about stopping the car but I noticed that just ahead the sun was shining.

Right enough ten seconds later we drove into total dryness and sunshine. We checked into the Western Town Hotel where I had stayed in April 1998. We then drove out to Bryce Canyon National Park to watch the setting sun over the amphitheatre. Bryce Canyon remains one of my favourite places especially when the gold light of sunset lightens up the area. 


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