Rexburg - Grand Teton National Park - Dubois

From Rexburg we drove to Jackson instead of back to West Yellowstone. Jackson Town Square has four arches built with antlers. The town is a very popular, chic winter ski resort but is also very busy in the summer.

From Jackson we drove northwards to Grand Teton National Park. The Grand Teton mountain range builds the western border of the park. Our first stop in the park was the Chapel of the Transfiguration which has a plain window instead of stained glass. But the view of the mountains is far better than any coloured glass. We then drove to Jenny Lake and on the way we saw our first antelope. Jenny Lake is much smaller and more picturesque than Jackson Lake. We drove up Signal Mountain but the main view area is of the park and not of Jackson Lake.

At Colter Bay, we walked along the shore of Jackson Lake to the Heron Ponds - an excellent walk through the woods. In the evening we stopped at Oxbow Bend - a certain wildlife viewing area. Right enough a large group of people, including a ranger, waited for the sunset. Just as the sun was starting to set over the Grand Tetons, a moose was spotted on the other side of the Snake River. At last!!! We spent almost an hour watching the large animal until the sun set completely. Driving through the darkness to our motel in Dubois (pronounced Dewboys!) we almost ran over a mule deer and a moose crossed the road just in front of us.


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