Lava TreeBend is one of my favourite places. There is so much to do in the area and the town itself is friendly and welcoming.

We spent two days here enjoying the wonderful scenery and just relaxing. Nearby is Mt. Batchelor but Bend itself is towered (?) over by the Pilot Butte. Drive to the top for a great view. Or walk along the Deschutes river.Chipmunk

Due to the snow, we couldn't make the Cascades Lake Loop but we did visit the Lava Cast Forest. Mind you, we had to leave the car at a far distance from the area and walked through, sometimes knee high, snow to get there. But it was worth it. We were alone at the lava fields and felt truly at one with nature.Deschutes

At Bend there is the High Desert Museum. This modern museum explains not only the history of the area but has a selection of desert animals on show.

In the evening, try out a beer at a microbrewery.


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