The Apache Trail

One of the greatest thrills on this trip was our ride along the Apache Trail - not on horseback but my motorbike. Thanks to Jerry at Fun-Time Rentals.

The trail (Highway 88) starts at Apache Junction and passes Superstition Mountain, Goldfield which is a ghost town, Lost Dutchman State Park and Weaver's Needle. From the Weaver's Needle Vista, the road starts to wind up the mountain. Be sure to stop at the Canyon Lake overlook before starting down to the lake.

Shortly after Canyon Lake, you will arrive in the thriving metropolis (?!) of Tortilla Flat - Last head count 6 and no telephones. The chili at the Tortilla Flat restaurant must be tried and ask them if they can pin a dollar on the walls. Go there and see it!! About 7 miles along the trail, the road turns into a dirt trail.

We weren't too sure about ride the bike down the narrow, steep and dirt road - dropping 1,500 feet in three miles, so we turned back. But don't worry - it is graded and, as busses travel down it, there should be no problem with a car.

In the evening, we splashed out and went the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix.


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